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Food Safety in Community Gardens

Food Safety in the Garden

Swiss Chard plant

Image by Lucy BradleyFood Safety in the Garden

A Handbook for Beginning and Veteran Garden Organizers: How to Reduce Food Safety Risks

NC State University Food Safety Culture Team – Food Safety for School and Community Gardens

Growing Safer Gardens

Food Safety in School & Community Gardens, recording of a 45 min webinar with Dr. Ben Chapman (Skip Forward to the 35 min mark)

Summary of Key Areas to Address:

Site Selection – Learn the Site History (official and community knowledge)

Handwashing – Soap and Clean Running Water and Dry with Single Use Towel or wear single use gloves to harvest

Water – Use treated water source

Compost – Put the bin as far from garden as possible on the downhill side of the garden – don’t use raw manure in compost, ensure compost is heated to 130 degrees for 5 days prior to using in the garden

Animals – Fence animals out.

Sanitation & Tools – use one use gloves to harvest, put harvest in clean, sanitized containers.

Dr. Ben Chapman
Twitter: @benjaminchapman