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NC State Extension



Woman Smiling a hand full of compost

Image by Nadine Ford

  • Sources for Organic Matter
  • Utility Service, Line Clearing:  Call to request a truck load of wood chips from limbs removed by the utility line clearing crew. When they are working in your neighborhood many will drop it off at your garden free of charge.
  • Collect bagged leaves set out for collection by the city.
  • Check the “Yellow Pages” for:
    • City Leaf Mulch
    • Dairies
    • Eggs (source of chicken manure)
    • Fertilizers (source of bulk or bagged soil amendments, manure, etc.)
    • Gardeners/Landscapers – (source of grass clippings & leaves be sure to find out what herbicides and or pesticides, if any, have been sprayed on grass)
    • Horse Boarding & Training
    • Landscape Equipment & Supplies
    • Lawn & Grounds Maintenance